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Desperate to stay in medical school, she sexually submits to Shayla then endures a strappado and the indifference of her captor. Shayla her wrists get cinched together and tied behind her to the max leaving Ashton exhausted but thrilled from her new experience. Gorgeous redhead then loses her shoes as she struggles for freedom.

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Not all trainees make it through. This trainee simply was not ready for the rigors of a week long training program, and here you can see the results. After being driven through a very tough workout by two demonic trainers, Devi is taken to the basement where her defenses are stripped away and her pain tolerance is tested. This is the scene that takes her over the edge of endurance and brings this training session to a close.

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Kassidy licks Kasey's ass and sticks her finger deep in her pussy and asshole! Her breasts are milked dry with the breast press out. Kassidy has been by herself for a few weeks and has been very horny. Gwen returns to fucking machines as sassy and confident as always. After Kassidy escapes from her bonds again, she tapes up the slender beauty on the bed. Kassidy is a true masochist, a pain slut! She never gets a break.

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She ordered another person to watch as Mariah is forced to squirt and the orgasm is so strong. When Mariah gets arrested and put in the same cell as Deborah she quickly becomes her bitch. She didnt flush the toilet! She is spanked. So we leash her with clamps to the pussy and nipples and lead her around the building. She is brought to the edge of orgasm time and time again.

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Hogtied on hard wood pallets her pussy is fucked and her mouth is reminded of the art of foot worship. A tight strapado and ass spanking have her begging for mercy, so she is bound one last time with her legs spread for some strapon fucking and more hard orgasms! We think it's time to give Audrey some bitches of her own!

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PD wastes no time with a slut as hot as 412. They have history, so she knows exactly what to expect. The bondage will be tight, the punishments will be sadistic and all of her holes are going to find themselves full before the day is through. She loves nothing more than feeling hard bondage holding her in place while she cums for an audience.

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Mistress Tucci chews him up, soaks him with her squirting pussy and tortures his cock with a cock crimper. She uses a rat trap on his balls, fills his ass with an ass hook, smothers him with her big juicy ass and drains his balls till he is left raw and out of breath. It's safe to say Mistress Tucci puts Jack through the ringer. Only Maitresse Madeline can decide his fate!